How to measure your belt size

Take a belt that you already have and lay it flat. Measure from the hole that you most often use to where the belt folds over the buckle. That number is your belt size. I only carry even numbered sizes so if you are an odd number round up one.

Ordering by pant size: My belts are true to waist sizes. If you wear a size 34 pants you will be a belt size 34. If your pant size is an odd number, once again round up one when ordering your belt.

My belts are priced and sold separately from the buckles. The buckles and keepers are fastened to the belt with snaps which makes the belts interchangeable. Often customers will order two different colored belts to wear with the same buckle. All of my belts are straight, meaning that they are the same width throughout. The lizard and Italian Calf belts are all one inch wide and are designed to accommodate the Trout Design and Island Design buckles. The brown suede belt is one and one half inches wide and fits only the Bear Paw Buckle.

I am always available to answer any questions about sizing. Please feel free to email me any time.